Mr. International Rubber 2000
(November 11-15, 1999)

The following is an account of my trip to Chicago in November 1999, where I competed in the Mr. International Rubber contest.  While most of the report will focus on the contest and what I did surrounding it, this is a more or less full report, detailing my shopping and other parts of the trip.  Live with it.

For those who are a bit clueless on the subject, the Mr. International Rubber contest can be thought of as a smaller parallel to International Mr. Leather.  Being a leather/fetish-type weekend, sex and sexual innuendo are part of the event, and thus part of this report.  Prudish readers shouldn’t even bother reading.  (On the other hand, I’m not broadcasting my sexual proclivities here, either.  Take it on faith that I was anything but celibate, read between the lines, and if you want specific names and activities, send me e-mail:

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To read the Trip Report from the MIR 2001 contest, click here.

Before the Weekend (going as far back as July, 1996)

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Before the Contest: Travel, Shopping, and Dancing (Thursday, 11/11 and Friday, 11/12)

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Meet the Contestants (Friday, 11/12)

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Brunch (Saturday, 11/13)

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Individual Interviews (Saturday, 11/13)

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The Contest (Saturday, 11/13)

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Aftermath, Part 1: Thoughts and Sunday Shopping (Sunday, 11/14)

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Aftermath: Part 2: Beer Bust and Travel (Sunday, 11/14 and Monday, 11/15)

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