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Who Is This Site For?

This site is aimed at three sets of people:

Guys who are just starting to explore non-mainstream gay sexuality

Guys who are experienced, but want information about the Seattle and Northwest leather scene

Guys who have done some exploration but now want to see what else is out there

Although the site is aimed specifically at gay men, there will be a lot of information of use by bisexual guys, kinky straight guys, women of all stripes, transmen and transwomen, and anyone else who stops by. Just because we are aiming at gay men doesn’t mean we are aiming away from everyone else!

What Region Does This Cover?

This site is based in Seattle, Washington, and that city’s men, groups, businesses, and events are the primary focus.

We believe that people should travel, howevere, to expand their experience. Travel within the Pacfic Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia) is fairly easy, and we encourage men to explore the leather offerings throughout the region. To that end, we try to cover men, groups, businesses, and events in Portland, Vancouver, and anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.

To a limited degree, we also cover significant groups, businesses, and events outside of the Pacific Northwest, such as large leather contests, leather vacation destinations, and so forth. Again, travel! Expand your horizons! Meet guys from around the country and around the world!

The Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia) has a wide variety of organizations and events which can be grouped under a rough heading of “Leather”, including traditional leather clubs and leather contests, pansexual kink/fetish organizations and events, fisting clubs, motorcycle clubs, and further out, bear groups, naturists, and country-western dance, square dance, and gay rodeo.

For the purposes of this site, we list organizations and events which cater to the gay male leather community, either specifically to that group or while not specifically gay male leather focused, allow and encourage the participation of the gay male lather community.  This includes general GLBTQ groups and events, lesbian-oriented events which welcome men as well, and pansexual (kinky straight) events where a gay male presence is welcome and encouraged.

This site is under construction.  (It’s always under construction!  But moreso now than in the future.)

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About Leather

What are "leather" and "kink" and "fetish"?

What is (and isn’t) the "Leather Community"?

What is "leathersex"?

Does "safer sex" apply to leather?

Leather Bars

What is a "leather bar"?

In Seattle

In Portland and Vancouver

Clubs and Organizations

What is a "leather club" vs. an "organization"?

Gay? Lesbian? Pansexual?

In Seattle

In Portland and Vancouver

Bears? Bikers? Bootscooters?

Sex Clubs

What is a "sex club"?

In Seattle

In Portland and Vancouver

Event Weekends

What is a "leather run" vs. other events?

Gay? Lesbian? Pansexual?

In Seattle

In Portland and Vancouver (and...)

Elsewhere in the country

Bears? Bikers? Bootscooters?

Online Cruising

What should I do (and not do)?

What sites are out there?

What do they cater to?

Titles and Contests

What is a "leather title"?

Mr. Leather titles

Ms. Leather titles

LeatherSIR/Leatherboy titles

Leather Daddy/Daddy’s Boy titles

Boot Black titles

The Imperial Court

In Seattle

In Portland and Vancouver

Elsewhere in the Country


Where can I get leather clothing?

Where can I get rubber clothing?

Where can I get kink/fetish gear?

Where can I get BDSM items?

Where can I get dildos, lube, etc.

Where can I get porn?

Should I shop online?

Events with Leather Markets

What about custom-made items?


The following websites are used to gather information fopr this site:

Leather/Bear/Country Bars
Eagle Portland (Portland)
PumpJack Pub (Vancouver)

If your group serves the gay men’s leather community of the Pacific Northwest, pleasecontact us to have your events listed.

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