Flagging with the Hanky Code

Here are the absolute basics:

Left = Top/Active Right = Bottom/Passive
Keys (nothing specific, just into leather)
Dark Blue Fucking
Light Blue Sucking
Dark Green Daddy/Boy
Black Heavy Play (S&M)
Gray Bondage
White Jacking Off
Red Fisting
Yellow Piss
Orange Pig Play (aka "Anything")
Brown Shit
  • Other than at large leather event weekend (Folsom, International Mr. Leather, that sort of thing), you are unlikely to ever encounter any hanky code flagging but these, so no need to memorize a long list.
  • Dress with Intent.  Be aware of what you might be flagging by accident, and if it isn't what you are into, wear something else!
  • Anything presented on the left indicates Top and on the right indicates Bottom: keys, armband, bandana on the boot, flogger, hank of rope, cockring on a jacket epaulet, etc.  (Unless the guy has no idea about flagging.)
  • Anything in one of these colors indicates that fetish: harness, bandana, armband, wrist cuff, stripe on the vest or chaps, etc.  (Again, unless the guy has no idea about flagging.)
  • Note that in the greater straight world, straight people may “flag” with keys, bandanas, etc. because the meaning to us doesn't register for them.  Be kind.


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